13, Tháng Tám 2011

7 Essential Items for Your Wedding Registry

Registering for your wedding gifts can be one of the best parts of planning your wedding. There are so many different items you’ll see and love, and you and your fiancé will have to pick which items are best for you. Do your homework and determine what you both want from these seven categories of essential wedding registry
1. China Set

Whether it’s for everyday use or dinner parties, your china will make a lot of appearances. You’ll want to select your favorite pattern for your dishware and determine what types you’ll really need, such as dinner, salad, and dessert plates; salad bowls; serving sets; and mugs. Make sure you don’t register for too many or too few.

2. Glassware

Glasses are another kitchen necessity. Look around to find the pattern of glassware you both like and determine what types you’ll need. Your decisions should be based on your needs. For example, don’t buy martini glasses if neither one of you drinks martinis.

3. Silverware

No dinner set is complete without silverware. By picking a basic set in your favorite pattern, you’re guaranteed to have all the utensils you’ll need for everyday use and special occasions, including serving spoons. Consider a set that comes in a nice storage case to keep it looking good for years to come.

4. Cookware

Now that you’ve selected your dinnerware, it’s time to select your cookware. A basic set will include pots and pans; mixing bowls and spoons; measuring cups; and bakeware. Select these items carefully based on the amount of cooking and baking you’ll actually do.

5. Bed Set

Now that your kitchen is set up, it’s time to work on the bedroom. Look through all of the bedding patterns until you find the one you like the best. Pick out a complete set with a comforter, bed skirt, complete sheet set and pillow shams. The whole set together will make your bedroom the beautiful retreat you want it to be. If you’d like, choose two sets so you can change them when the mood calls for it.

6. Bath Sets

The bathrooms are another key place in your home you’ll want to set up. Select a bath mat, soap dispenser, garbage can, shower curtain, toothbrush holder and any decorative or organizational pieces you might desire.  Get these items for each bathroom in your home, and make sure every piece matches the color scheme or theme you choose for each bathroom.

7. Towels13

Towels are needed for both your bathrooms and kitchen. Select a few different colors and patterns and register for several of each. You’ll want bath and hand towels as well as wash cloths for the master bath and guest bathrooms and dish towels and cloths for your kitchen.

These seven sets are the essential items you’ll want to register for to set up your home after your wedding. For more ideas on other items you can add to your list, check out home goods on eBay.