23, Tháng Một 2011

The Effect of Climate Change on the Economy

As climate change has reached a level that has drawn society’s attention to the need for change, it has had various effects on the economy of the country. This has been both in the tougher end and towards a more positive end as society and the world of business have had to adjust. Some industries that have been forced to make changes due to federal guidelines have felt the pinch in their bottom line, but the change, though tough now, will bring about positive results in the future. Consumers as well are starting to have to learn to live, work and use what the Earth has to offer in a much different way than we have been used in the past.

One of these changes has been to learn how to use less to accomplish daily work tasks. For instance, carpooling has now become more popular as well as the use of public transportation to save on the consumption of fossil fuels. Companies, in this case, are having to figure out new ways to transport goods from one point to another with rising fuel costs. Many retailers have started to curtail the amount of inventory that they carry down to the products that most popularly sell. This reduces what has to be shipped and raises profits in return.

New types of energy are becoming more prevalent and recycling has become more common. One area of possibility is in the realm of technology, which has allowed much of the paperwork of a business to be digitized and stored electronically. This will help to reduce the consumption of trees as long as electronic components are responsibly recycle when they run their course. Though climate change has been hard for many to adjust to, it has brought about many positive changes in our society and business world and will greatly benefit us and the environment in tandem.