27, Tháng Mười Hai 2010

Green Business Issue: Who Feels the Effects of High Gas Prices And What Can Be Done?

All you have to do is take a drive or walk by one of the nearest gas stations to realize that gas prices are skyrocketing through the roof. These high prices are causing many companies to consider greener alternatives to using traditional gas and oil. However, not every business has the luxury of being able to switch to a completely green fleet of cars or stop using oil and gas completely. Due to the high gas prices someone, somewhere has to feel the effects of these skyrocketing prices.

Here is a look at who feels the effects of high gas prices.

Customers. The customers will notice the effects of the gas prices immediately. Businesses have started charging higher delivery rates or even limiting their delivery area to an even smaller area. Even businesses that do not charge a delivery rate are considering charging for the cost of goods to be shipped to them.

Businesses. Businesses are also feeling the effects of higher gas prices. They are feeling the pressure from customers to either cut back costs or eat the delivery charges. This can drastically cut into a businesses overall revenue that they are producing. It also causes many businesses to have to make a lot of tough decisions such as what to charge and what not to charge.

With all these high prices of gas effecting so many people what can be done to reduce the effects of gas prices? Here are two solutions for the gas price situation.

Combine Deliveries. Companies can work together to combine their deliveries. This works almost like a carpooling for businesses. They can hit the same amounts of area but not have to incur the high cost of gas.

Change out Fleets. This is an expensive decision but the decision to change out the fleet of trucks or cars to a hybrid option will really save on gas prices. These cars and trucks use less gas and therefore will cost less to fuel.1