10, Tháng Mười Hai 2010

The High Cost of Going Green

There are TV commercials, government agencies and wonderful incentives that are put into place to encourage companies to make the switch to a greener business structure. While it might sound as if going green is as easy as just making a few changes and your company is “green”, it is not that easy. For a majority of the greener renovations and changes it can really end up costing a company a pretty penny to make the switch.

Here is a look at some of the costs that are associated with making a complete green makeover of a business.

Completely Changing Out Technology. A lot of the technology that is out there is more energy efficient then the previous models. For a company to have a complete green makeover they would need to change out these energy wasting appliances and technology forms and switch them to greener alternatives. This can be very costly especially if the appliances and items were recently purchased and are still in good working order.

Complete Renovations. If a company is making the switch to a more energy efficient means it could require that the whole building undergo complete renovations. Companies may have to completely rewire the offices and parts of the building, they may have to build on existing structures or take down certain parts of the building to make it more “Green” friendly. Renovations can be costly. They can range from a couple hundred dollars for a simple project to thousands of dollars for the more expensive projects.

While it might seem as if going green would be a simple process for businesses it can be a tough decision for them to make. Many companies have to budget out going green and are not able to make the switch right away. The high cost associated with going green is why experts recommend that business “Go green” in phases, so that the cost is spread out over time.