22, Tháng Một 2011

The Keys to Energy Conservation

Conserving energy does not have to be a major task, but can be something that is done with small decisions each day and a few changes in behavior. For example, one simple step to take is to have items plugged into a power strip in a cubicle. This allows the individual, when done, to simply turn off the power source after everything has been properly shut down. Now, there are no items plugged in that may continue to draw a current even while off or in sleep mode. When using a surge protector, it also provides protection to electronic devices.

Another step you can take is to only lights when necessary. If your office has windows, keep the blinds open to allow in natural light for illumination. Lights that are needed for safety can be left on, but turning them off in store rooms, bathrooms and unused spaces can greatly conserve energy. Copy machines should be purchased that have an energy saver setting that puts them to sleep when they are not being used. This is also true for office equipment, such as printers, that can be kept off as well. These small steps here will bring huge savings over time.

The temperature that you keep your office at can save energy, by setting it at a comfortable level that is not too high or low for the staff. Try to only adjust it one or two degrees, as any more can bring on a greater surge of energy use by the heating system. When you leave the office for the evening, turn the temperature down significantly overnight to see even more savings. Your business can improve its energy conservation with only a few, small changes in habit and practice. The benefits will be double what you would have expected.