13, Tháng Một 2011

What Makes Furniture Green

The concept of green furniture is a new one. Most people go through life without making a connection between the couch they sit on and global warming. However, a connection exists.

Reasons to Buy Green Furniture

There are many reasons to buy green furniture. For starters, the materials from which furniture is made can be toxic to the environment. Certain materials contain chemicals. Also, many types of furniture are bulky and disposing of them just clogs up landfills. In addition, transporting furniture uses up a great deal of fuel. For all of these reasons, buying green furniture is a good idea.

Green Furniture Practices

Green furniture can fall into a variety of categories. For example, when it’s time to replace your living room set, you might visit a used furniture store to see if they have items you can reuse. This way you are not buying brand new furniture, which takes up energy to be made and uses up fuel to be transported from the manufacturer to the vendor.

Once you’ve done that, you have a decision to make about your existing living room set. If you have someone haul it off to a landfill, you are piling on more garbage in already packed landfills. A green furniture practice here would be putting an ad online to see if anyone wants to buy your living room set. It may seem like junk to you, but for a college student with limited funds, it might be exactly what he needs.

Buying Green Furniture

When buying green furniture, in addition to the used variety, you can choose from refurbished pieces. Some companies make furniture out of recycled materials. When you buy their products, you prevent excessive cutting down of trees and production of furniture from scratch. You want to also make sure that they are not creating the furniture materials with certain chemicals that pollute the environment.