23, Tháng Mười Hai 2010

Quick Fact Sheet: A Look at Wind Power

You may have noticed that there are more and more large scaled wind mills and wind turbines popping up all over the place. People and businesses are looking for more energy efficient ways to use electricity and wind power is one of the most efficient means of producing energy for both personal and business use. However, because it is so recently developed not many people know the facts about wind power.

Here is a look at some of the facts regarding wind power.

Different Types. Depending upon the use of the energy there are different types of wind power out there that will be used. Wind turbines make electricity, wind mills make mechanical power, wind pump produce energy to pump water and the most basic type is the sail for ships and power.

Alternative to Fossil Fuel. Wind energy is a renewable, clean and safe alternative to fossil fuels. Many people are making the switch to wind energy because of its lack of environmental effects on the environment.

A non-dispatchable power. Wind energy is a non-dispatchable power. This means that all energy that is created using a wind turbine must be consumed at that moment and it cannot be stored in a power grid of any type. This requires that occasionally the wind turbine be backed up with other forms of power such as solar panels to create a storable power source.

Transportation Issues. Wind turbines have been known to work in areas. However, the issue of transporting that energy over a large amount of space has not be completely solved. There are still issues dispensing wind energy to a large area of land.

Countries that Use Wind Energy. Almost every country on the planet Earth uses some type of wind energy. However, the European Nations are number one in consumers and producers of wind energy. With the United States and India as numbers two and three.