27, Tháng Một 2011

Sun, Water and Wind – Your Friends

Instead of relying on fossil fuels, each of us can create our own renewable energy sources. By having your own energy source you can save money on your energy bills. There are three kinds of renewable energy that can be implemented by individuals.

First is power from the sun. Home owners and businesses can place solar cells on the roof or back yard. Everyone can use solar cookers and do at least some of your cooking without fossil fuel. Solar lighting systems can also be easily implemented for certain areas of the home or apartment. Solar dryers can be an effective way to preserve some of the food you have grown in your garden. Solar heating systems can be implemented by homeowners and businesses.

These systems have become quite efficient and can drastically reduce or eliminate entirely the need for relying on any form of fossil fuel. Solar energy systems are low maintenance and make it easy for the owner to keep up with maintenance. Although expensive to implement, return on investment is achieved relatively quickly and solar systems will pay for themselves.

Second is power from water. Our cities and states cannot build any more hydro power plants and 90% of our current renewable energy is being provided by these facilities. Nonetheless it is possible for individuals to use streams and rivers to create some personal electricity. These are clean sources and very environmentally friendly.  And for the minimum cost of a few dollars on a prepaid credit card, people can buy rain barrels and other water saving devices.

Third is power from the wind. We are constantly building more windmills. Iowa has become known as the windmill state because of the many windmill farms that have been built over the past few years. Individuals can also put up windmills and harvest power from the wind.

As you implement any or all of these power sources into your home or business you can start saving money and also help the country break free from its reliance on fossil fuels. The sun, water and wind are truly our friends.